Auto Expertise with Thermal Camera

Otorapor will now start to benefit from thermal cameras in auto expertise. The appraisal process will be completed with higher accuracy and in less time.

Turkey’s first corporate auto appraisal firm autoreport, signed a first in the industry. The company has announced that it will now start controls with thermal cameras in appraisal processes.

of Otorapor auto appraisal service with thermal camerawill ensure that even the smallest mistakes in the appraisal are largely avoided.

The appraisal time will also be shortened:

With the use of the thermal camera, the time allocated for auto appraisal will also decrease. All interior and exterior components of the vehicle will be able to be examined in a short time with a thermal camera.

What exactly will the thermal camera do in the appraisal?

heat sensitive camera Thermal CameraBy detecting infrared light emitted from an object, it can heatmap the object. Warm regions are shown in light colors, while cold regions are represented in dark colors.

Otorapor, with its specially developed thermal camera, hood and paint will provide controls. In addition, it will be easier and faster to detect whether the vehicle has previously cut, welded, or added situations.

In addition to all these, such as thermal camera, glass heating, seat heating, vehicle glass residences. in areas that are difficult to visually control It will also provide high accuracy control. The camera can be used in any vehicle, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle.

While Otorapor broke new ground in Turkey with its thermal camera, it also came to the fore in the past with firsts such as publishing the first auto purchase and sale and appraisal book.


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