Austria implements compulsory vaccination for adults – France decides on access restrictions for the unvaccinated

The french parliament has in the fight against the fifth corona wave drastic access restrictions for the unvaccinated finally agreed. In the National Assembly on Sunday evening, 215 MPs voted in favor and 58 voted against. Seven MPs abstained. The law provides that Unvaccinated people over the age of 16 will no longer have access to restaurants, cultural institutions and long-distance transport should have.

In view of the enormously high number of infections, the French government wants to provide further incentives for corona vaccination. With the regulation should the currently valid health passport, who provides proof of vaccination, recovery or a current negative corona test, converted to vaccination card will. A negative test will soon no longer be enough to gain access to numerous places.

Originally, the regulation was supposed to take effect on January 15th. The project was delayed due to heated debates in the National Assembly and between the two chambers of Parliament. It is still unclear when exactly the change will come into force. Individual MPs had announced that Wanting to appeal to the Constitutional Council about the text.

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