Attention: Unlock Events Will Be Tracked In These Altcoins In The New Week!

Cryptocurrency While entering the new week in the market, this week users are again in large numbers. altcoin waiting for unlock event.

Surprisingly, after the Unlock events last week, the price of some of the altcoins in question increased. However, last week, dYdX said that it has postponed the token unlock event to the end of the year.

Here are the Altcoin Unlock Events of the Week

on Monday, January 30 Galx (GAL) Part of your altcoin will be unlocked. At the event, which will take place at 15:00, 586,666 GAL tokens will be released, corresponding to 0.293% of the total supply. The total value of the coins to be released is approximately $1.3 million.

on January 31st 1inch (1INCH) An insignificant amount (15,000 1INCH) of the token will be released at 03:00.

89,796 units, corresponding to 0.33% of the total supply, at 02:22 on 1 February Euler altcoin will be released. The total value of the unlocked tokens is around $477,000.

One of the major token unlock events of the week Acala (ACA) will occur in the token. At 10:00 am on February 1, approximately 32 million ACA tokens will be released. This unlock, worth $4.4 million, accounts for 3.2% of the total supply.

on February 3 Nym (NYM) There will be a big unlock event on your coin. At the event, which will take place at 03:00, 78.75 million NYM tokens worth approximately $20 million will be unlocked, corresponding to 7.875% of the total supply.

The last unlock event of the week is on February 4th at 8:25 am. X2Y2 will live in the token. At the event, where 37.5 million X2Y2 tokens will be released, 3.75% of the total supply will be unlocked. The amount unlocked corresponds to approximately 5 million dollars.

*Not investment advice.

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