Attempts to Spread Binance FUD Over Robinhood Hack: CZ Stated!

Cryptocurrency After the hacking of Robinhood’s official Twitter account, Binance detail drew attention.

Analyst ZachXBT Discovers The Cryptocurrency Wallet Used In The Hack Was Funded By A User At Binance

In the detail noticed by crypto analyst ZachXBT, it is observed that funds were sent to the wallet linked to the hack from a hot wallet belonging to Binance.

In the hack, Robinhood’s official Twitter account was hacked and a fake Robinhood altcoin with the “Honey Pot” mechanism, which is a kind of fraud, was advertised. The funds of those who invested in the fake project in question would go directly into the hands of hackers.

In his statement, ZachXBT said the following about the hack:

“The scam in question was financed through Binance (although it was probably a coin swap).”

However, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also made a statement on the subject. Zhao said that the security units were aware of the incident and the necessary actions were taken:

“Our security team also noticed this and blocked the account in question until further investigation.”

Examining the blockchain data, it is observed that the so-called Robinhood altcoin, created for fraudulent purposes, was built on BNB Chain and the transaction fees were paid with BNB sent by a Binance member user.

Cryptocurrency exchange and stock selling platform Robinhood deleted the tweet shortly after the fraudulent post. It is not known how much was lost or how many people were harmed in the fraud case.

*Not investment advice.

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