Attempted Attack on NFT Platform: 5 Million Ethereum Recovered at the Last Moment

Nearly $5.1 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) was narrowly recovered from an attack on NFT lending platform ParaSpace.

ParaSpace March 17 Posted on his official social media account on in the shipmentthat they noticed a suspicious transaction occurring on the protocol and all money deposit-withdraw transactions they stopped stated.

Blockchain security platform BlockSec made by in the statement about the exploit from ParaSpace. about half an hour ago detected and the protocol 2,909 Ether to be stolen obstacle being reported. However, the platform has been in contact with ParaSpace officials for a while. contact efforts went unanswered.

ParaSpace shortly after what happened BlockSec communicated with and the reason for the abuse announced their discovery. ParaSpace is safe from attack by BlokcSec’s efforts 2,909 Ether recovered, any protocol in the NFT loss and that abuse is not only 50-150 Ether announced that it was limited to Platform, users financial loss not to undertake funds for from his own treasury back you will pay also added.

Team’s current security continues to fix its deficits and the protocol until the vulnerabilities are fixed. offline While it is stated that the autopsy report will be published was also mentioned. ParaSpace Also, in the future, such abuse will be repeated. not be exposed for discuss what can be done about to two publications announced that it will open

BlockSec officials told the press on the subject that if the attacker did not intervene immediately, the attacker would not be able to guarantee the platform’s credit. balance by exploiting with less collateral with NFT and the liquidity of the protocol. you can empty expressed. Also, as BlockSec, exploit possibilities real time follow them as automatic aspect opposite one who can give systems and that they are free from this system in responding to the attack. that they took advantage of stated.

On the other hand, the hacker responsible for the attack 0.7 ETH worth gas fee a demanded on-chain He used the following statements in the message:

I didn’t succeed because of some stupid gas prediction error. Since I lost a lot of money trying it, it would be nice to get at least some of it back, good luck!

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