Ata Demirer’s New Film Bursa Nightingale Released

The Bursa Nightingale movie, which Ata Demirer returned to the screens, was broadcast on Disney+. We’ve gathered the first reactions to the movie.

One of Turkey’s most popular comedians Ata DemirerAfter a long time, he returned to the screens with a brand new movie. Demirer’s new film Bursa Nightingaleaired on Disney+.

The movie, which focuses on the character of Cengiz, who is a singer in a tea garden in Bursa, has managed to collect positive comments from the audience so far. Some of the reactions to the movie were as follows:

Reactions to Bursa Nightingale:

bursa nightingale

bursa nightingale

bursa nightingale

Bursa Nightingale trailer:

The subject of Bursa Nightingale:

Bursa Bülbül is about the encounter of Cengiz, who is a singer in the tea garden and whose biggest passion is to produce an album, with Taşkın. However, Cengiz thought that the composition composed by Taşkın’s father Şerafettin would be a good start for his album. in debt is buying.

When Taşkın spends this money, Cengiz tries to regain the money. With Taşkın and his brother Arzu begins to appear on stage.

Bursa Bulbul cast:

Bursa Bülbül, starring Ata Demirer, is in the cast. Özge Özacar, Cem Gelinoğlu, Melek Baykal and Tarık Papuççuoğlu It includes important names such as

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