Asus says it has increased its computer stocks

Over the past two years, people who have become more connected to technology due to the Covid-19 pandemic have turned to computers and there has been an increase in sales after a long time. slowing down again in 2022 PC sales and about computer stocks from Asus interesting statements.

Although the problems in logistics led to an increase in computer prices worldwide, a sales momentum that positively affected the technology world was achieved. Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus will be released in 2022. that the supply in the PC market is greater than the demand He claimed.

Photoshop for iPad one step closer to PC version

Adobe has brought powerful features found in the computer version of Photoshop, such as Content-Aware Fill, to the iPad.

Asus: Computer stocks will increase and supply will exceed demand

of Asus Chief Marketing Officer for Asia-Pacific from Rex Lee Important statements about PC sales came. It seems that Asus has made huge investments to ensure that the momentum gained in the pandemic remains stable. All these investments computer prices What effect does it have on your side?

Asus executive actually stated that the computer market in Europe, China and North America is already in a downward trend. According to Lee, the downward trend in sales will continue in the coming months. However, Asus They will not have stock problems as of 2022. expressed.

The absence of problems in computer stocks will positively affect both the new and second-hand PC market. Rex Lee, Chief Marketing Officer for Asia-Pacific, stated that “supply will be greater than demand” in the market. with increasing stocks prices may drop gave your message.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is also now putting more emphasis on the production of mid-range premium laptops. Asus’ PC strategy ZenBook and VivoBook began to shift to models such as the series. (You can check out Asus’ latest ExperBook model from our video just above.)

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