Astronauts will make yogurt and kefir in space!

For long-term missions and colonization in space, humans will need fresh food and medical supplies. In this process, International Space Station (ISS) astronauts are the people who undertake the longest space mission. That’s why different methods are used for fresh food on the ISS.

Work continues on colonization in space

The latest supplement to the ISS included ingredients for making yogurt and a mechanism for eating tomatoes from a branch in space. Tomatoes sent into space form the final phase of growing plants in artificial gravity and light.

While studies over the past few years have focused on leafy greens such as spinach, Veg-05 will observe how a succulent food such as a dwarf tomato grows in this unusual garden setting. The mission will examine light quality, fertilizer, microbial food safety, nutritional value and taste on fruit production, as well as the general behavioral benefits of having fresh food in space.

NASA has given a date for the colony to be established on the Moon!

NASA has given a date for the colony to be established on the Moon!

NASA made ambitious statements for lunar life. Life on the Moon could begin by 2030, according to a NASA administrator.

Parameters of light and nutrient flow are very important in this process. This will compare different conditions, including varying combinations of LED lights, to see which produces the best tomatoes over the 104-day growing period.

In addition to the production of fresh plants, the fermentation of yogurt in space on the ISS will also be studied. The study, called BioNutrients-2, stands out as a pre-yogurt mix with a long shelf life. In this process, astronauts will produce yogurt and kefir.

With the experiments to be carried out on these bacteria, which are used in the production of yogurt and kefir, the first step will be taken for the use of these organisms in different areas in the future. After trials, bacteria can be stored in this way for drug production during long space missions.

NASA is also working on colonization on different planets in the coming years with tomato and yogurt experiments. So what do you think about yogurt and tomatoes sent into space? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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