Asset Management Company Transfers Millions From This Altcoin To Binance

Asset management firm Goldentree has staked 5.9 million Sushi (SUSHI) and transferred 2.5 million to cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

On-chain analytics platform Lookonchain March 23 on his official social media account. in sharingGoldentree’s 6.4 million worth a dollar 5.9 million staked of SUSHI staking process by breaking 2.6 million worth a dollar Transfer 2.5 million SUSHI to Binance revealed that he did. In the hands of the company 3.6 million worth a dollar 3.4 million It was stated that he remained SUSHI.

Between September and October of last year At an average cost of $1.24 from the portfolio purchased to date. 56 thousand worth a dollar staking income the current market price of the Goldentree from $1.08 in case of selling that you will hurt underlined.

Experts Goldentree’s your move soon of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) To the CEO of SushiSwap subpoena about sending that you can drew attention.

According to Coinecko data, the latest 28.8% in 30 days depreciating SUSHI, last 24 per hour 7.1% decrease living by writing 1.08 traded at the dollar level.

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