Asking Price for Plastic Bags in 2023 Has Been Determined

According to the news shared by CNN Turk, a price hike was offered for the price of plastic bags. The new price of the bags, which have been sold for 2 years at 25 cents, was requested to be 75 cents.

With the depreciation of the Turkish lira and inflation, the cost of living has increased dramatically over the past year. While price increases are seen in each item, we carry these items today. from bags There is striking news.

It was claimed that the price of the bags, which started to be sold in 2019 with a fee of 25 cents, was demanded to be re-determined. According to the news shared by CNN Turk, the price requested for bag prices, 75 cents presented as

Non-Governmental Organizations want the price to stay the same, market representatives want a raise:

According to the shared details, the request for a raise was made by market representatives. On the other hand, it was shared that Non-Governmental Organizations wanted the price to be kept constant at 25 cents. The two sides came face to face at the Plastic Bag Subcommittee held once a year.

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change evaluated the report submitted by the Commission. Bag fee to be valid for 2023 will determine. The price is expected to be announced in the coming days.

The bags will be sold by the markets at a loss:

In the paid bag application, which was put into practice in 2019, 10 cents of the 25 cents fee is paid by the state. Recycling Contribution (GEKAP) It was going as tax. But the rate of money going to the government changes with the revaluation rate set each year.

Yavuz Eroğlu, President of the Turkish Plastics Industrialists Research, Development and Education Foundation (PAGEV). 25 cents all He stated that he went to GEKAP. On the other hand, the fee going to GEKAP next year will be around 55 cents due to the revaluation rate. In other words, as the markets sell bags, they pay the state out of their own pocket. Extra fee will be paid.

On the other hand, according to Eroğlu, keeping the price constant will be a positive decision for the environment. Because the markets will avoid selling bags in order not to sell bags and cause damage, and the amount of trash will decrease.

According to another view, the bag should be sold for 1 TL or more, not even 75 cents:

Omer Duzgun, President of the Retailers Federation, stated that the production cost of bags can reach up to 1 TL depending on the quality. Therefore, the price of the bag Must be over 1 TL Duzgun said that 75 cents would be more reasonable because this culture has not been established yet.

The fact that the bag is paid has also benefited the environment and the economy:

According to the data of the Ministry, plastic bag welded in 4 years with paid bag application. 550 thousand tons of plastic waste formation and 23 thousand tons of greenhouse gas emissions were prevented. In addition, imports of plastic raw materials decreased and approximately 3.8 billion TL savings provided.

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