Asian Countries Where It Is Most Unsafe To Walk Alone At Night

A map prepared with Numbeo’s data, which is constantly updated with information about countries directly from the people, showed how safe people in Asian countries felt when walking alone at night. In Turkey, this rate was 51,11%.

Today, for various reasons, going out alone in many countries, especially at night, can increase the risk of facing various dangers. Unfortunately, Turkey is among the countries where there is a fear of going out alone at night. Countries where such fears are experienced also mean that people feel themselves in their own country. how safe you feel is also an indicator.

So, what kind of a graph does this situation reveal across the Asian continent? Retrieved from Numbeo by Landgeist With 2021 data The map below reveals the countries in Asia where people feel safest to walk alone at night.

Afghanistan is the country where people feel most insecure when going out in the evening.

According to the map above, the country where people feel least safe walking at night is 19.9% ​​according to the answers given by the participants. Afghanistan. Countries following Afghanistan with 22.7%. Yemen and with 25.5% Bangladesh. Countries where people feel the most safe, 86.2% Taiwan, 86% Train and 83.3% United Arab Emirates.


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Turkey’s situation:

walking alone at night

According to the answers given by 2,120 people in the last 3 years, in the data updated this month, people in Turkey prefer walking alone at night. 51.11% find it safe. At the beginning of the most prominent concerns in Turkey, with 41.12%. be verbally abused is coming. If it’s the next biggest concern being attacked. At the top of the list of crimes of least concern is the concern of being physically attacked because of skin color, ethnicity, gender or religion.

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