Asian Banking Giant DBS Expands Crypto Service: Aims to Reach 100K More Users

DBS Group, one of Singapore’s largest banksis expanding its crypto service on its digital exchange.

$488 BillionAsia’s banking giant that manages assets DBS September 23 In a statement on its official website on announced the expansion. The world’s first bank-backed cryptocurrency exchange DBS Digital Exchange (DDEx) now in singapore to qualified investors will serve.

Initially serving only institutional investors, asset management companies, family offices and DBS private banking customers, the exchange qualified investors as well. will be put into service. Minimum according to the regulations in force in Singapore $246,000 Investors with investment-grade assets are considered qualified investors. According to the data, with this move of DBS, approximately 100,000 investors will have more on target. New investors will be able to benefit from this service with a minimum lower limit of 500 dollars.

On the other hand, Singapore financial authorities encourage the development of the digital asset sector, while enabling retail investors to access credit and derivative transactions. make it difficult Considering new legislation for

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