Arzum celebrated its 55th anniversary with 55 different designs

Arzum, which has been one of the first brands to come to mind for years when it comes to electrical household appliances, celebrated its 55th anniversary with an exhibition with 55 different designers. Designed by 55 designers inspired by Arzum Years of Desire with Other Ages The event, which is a travel to the past with its book, was held in Istanbul Galataport between 20-23 September.

In the nostalgic exhibition where Arzum’s journey was interpreted through the eyes of 55 different designers, Arzum managers had pleasant conversations with colorful names from different sectors. On the first day of the exhibition, moderated by Melda Yücel Kocaalp, İzzeddin Çalışlar, Mehtap Yıldız and İlkay Gürpınar had a pleasant conversation about the story of the 55th anniversary book.

Arzum: Our priority is design, technology and innovation!

On the second day, Özlem Güsar brought Arzum executives together with opinion leaders. On the same day, Arzum CEO Mete Zadil, Arzum Board Chairman Murat Kolbaşı and Ahmet Faralyalı; ‘Is it a movie? Science?’ He made a nice 55th anniversary talk with the theme.

On the third day of the exhibition, the conversation of Historian-Writer Saffet Emre Tonguç and Arzum Chairman of the Board Murat Kolbaşı about 600 years of Turkish coffee culture as well as the half-century history of Arzum attracted great attention from the audience.

On the last day of the exhibition Hakkı Alkan, founder of ShiftDelete and Mete Zadil’s conversation was enjoyed. During the four-day event, Turkish coffee was presented in the Ottoman palace, and prepared with the Arzum OKKA Family for the guests attending the event; Turkish coffee with full consistency, delicious taste, foamy and OKKA was served.

Arzum Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Kolbaşı stated that Arzum was born in 1966 as a domestic brand, the foundations of which were laid by Kazım Kolbaşı, Kemal Kolbaşı and İbrahim Kolbaşı in the early 1950s;

“We are one of Turkey’s most established players in its field, with a long-established history of 55 years. With our innovative approach, we have become a brand that is preferred not only in Turkey but also in the world, used in the homes and offices of millions of people, with our 650 products in 6 different product categories at the point we have reached in the Small Household Appliances sector today.

Our biggest goal is to be a global brand. Design, technology and innovation are the concepts we attach the most importance to. We work with the most important designers of Turkey and the world. We lead the industry by designing firsts together and set the trends. This gives us great pride.”

“We put our book at the center of the celebrations”

“As Arzum, we wanted to celebrate our 55th birthday in a way that befits us,” said Murat Kolbaşı and continued his words as follows;

“First of all, we immortalized the story of Arzum, one of Turkey’s most important values ​​with its 55-year-old history, by making it into a book. We put our book ‘YEARS WITH OTHER AGES AND YEARS OF DESIRE’, which we believe to make a significant contribution to our cultural world and our industry, at the center of our 55th anniversary celebrations.

55 different perspectives of 55 designers, all of whom have accomplished successful works in their own field, made our exhibition even more enjoyable and rich. As a brand with the mission of spreading Turkish coffee culture to the whole world, we have reserved a very special place for Turkish coffee in our event. Our Turkish coffee presentation in the Ottoman palace, which we held for four days, attracted great attention from coffee lovers. Now it’s time to start our second 55-year journey, inspired by our 55-year-old history. Me and all my teammates are ready for this.

At the center of our targets in the coming period; We will continue to take firm steps towards becoming a global brand by achieving stable and sustainable growth, to appeal to consumers from all walks of life with our product richness and diversity, and to cover the entire society. While making the lives of our consumers easier, we will continue to offer reliable and quality home technologies that improve every moment and every home for them, and to be a close and accessible brand.”

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