Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Do Creative Work

We have compiled for you the tools that have been left aside due to popular artificial intelligence tools and that the majority of them are not even aware of yet.

Like DALL-E and Midjourney artificial intelligence When they raged, all sorts of different vehicles began to follow them. In this process, you automation You may have come across companies that connect directly to artificial intelligence and other similar organizations.

We come across it constantly for advertising purposes and most of the time it is either a money trap or it cannot function properly. artificial intelligence While listed in different lists, we have compiled the tools that we think will be really useful for you, as far as possible from the situations we mentioned.

Let’s start with tools for the sound field.

The name of the first vehicle is AIVA:

AIVA: Artificial Intelligence Composing Classical Music

Creating songs for users using different musical instruments with the support of artificial intelligence AIVAIt also offers the possibility to edit the created music. But there is one point we should mention.

This tool is in different lists “royalty-free music artificial intelligence you can createIt is displayed as ”. But the music you produce on the free plan is not royalty-free. to get their copyright paid plan need to switch. Still, it’s a fun tool that you can use for personal purposes without paying for it.

Fake You on the other hand, puts a little more weight on the fun aspect of the job.

Thanks to this tool Jokerwhether…or 2pacwhether from GTA: San Andreas Carl Johnson never mind; you can make many legendary names say whatever you want -in English. We can say that the system, which offers faster processing time and longer speech in premium versions, works quite well.

Big Speak basically does the same job, but there is a stark difference.

of Big Speak Its purpose is to add a voice to the content rather than entertainment. Toning The vehicle, which we can say to be quite successful in its field, also has more than one sound option.

NOTE: To Fake You and Big Speak Turkish You can also make them read sentences, but they will read it not in the way we are used to, but in a way that is tired of English.

It allows you to have higher quality calls and is already integrated into Discord. krisp:


Krisp echoes your conversations and background It allows you to remove the sounds. While you do this your sound quality it makes it possible for you to have a better quality experience.

The best part is, Krisp’s with free package 60 minutes a day the fact that it offers what we have counted with its limit. When you upgrade to higher-level plans, you can also access more different features.

Tools that can be useful in the field of visual production

Free from Google Auto Draw:

This tool tells you what you want to draw when you start drawing something. trying to understand and accordingly it allows you to get the thing you are trying to draw in perfect condition. For example, when you want to draw a bicycle, this can be predicted with your brush movements and you can directly select the bicycle from the top. you can get. After that, you can also download it in PNG format.

Profile Pic Maker makes creating a profile photo quite simple.

Profile Pic Maker

When you upload an image to the site, both the image the background It is automatically deleted as well as playing with the settings such as shadow and color to suit you. profile picture you can download. There is also a very rich library for backgrounds.

This Person Does not Exist We thought that the website would also have functions of its own.

Profiles created by artificial intelligence

There is no interface on the site. Instead, every time you refresh the site, it was created with artificial intelligence, not real making human faces. It will come in handy at some point, especially for people looking for stock photos. It has an artificial intelligence that can save you a lot of time.

Because you can easily upload photos to this site in a very short time with the help of artificial intelligence. background removal you can perform your transaction. But keep in mind, while you can print low-resolution photos in the free version, you can increase the size of the photo in the paid version.

But don’t let the bug from the free version upset you here. BIG JPG You can close this gap with

In paid version 5MB On this site, which offers a file size limit, exceeding this size is not easy for everyday users. For this reason, for images that you want to increase the resolution without losing quality. BIG JPG you can use.

Artificial intelligence supported applications that can be useful for text:

CopyAIhelps you to write texts in different media.

Copy AI

Amazon, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are only a small part of these channels. You can prepare an e-mail with the assistance of artificial intelligence for a job application or prepare an English text for the promotion of your product. A certain subject at this age 5 years old It also has many features such as telling it to someone and simplifying complex sentences.

In the free version The platform, which gives a limit of 2,000 words per month, also makes it possible to use more than 90 tools similar to the ones we have mentioned. For a smoother experience, the plan above is 49 dollars.

HyperWrite on the other hand, it is another service that can take a load off you when it comes to writing texts.

Here too CopyAI’s has similar features. In addition, there are options to predict the next sentence at the time of writing, to create automatic compositions or to create only a certain part of the composition, for example, the introduction. HyperWrite; email, education, productivity, etc. offers useful tools in different branches.

In the free version, the system predicts the rest of the sentence 100 times, as well as per month. 15 texts offers the opportunity to produce The cost of the subscription plan above this is monthly. $19.99.

Facilitating the management of your social media accounts Ocoya:


Whether it’s YouTube or Instagram whether you want twitter Ocoya offers tools to improve your profile. But on Instagram, you can only see the functioning of your business account with different analyzes. This means that you cannot use it in your personal account. This is not the purpose of the application anyway.

While you can only connect 1 social media account in the free version, you can connect to the next level. $39 this number rises to 20 in silver membership, of course by bringing more advanced features.

Artificial intelligence supported applications that can be useful for those who produce content in the form of video:

First of all, although it is paid, you can give a chance. synthesia comes:

You can try the demo by going to this address. synthesiaIt comes with Turkish language support and is a time saver, especially for those who produce educational videos. As you can see from the demo, all you have to do is write the text. The rest is voiced and modeled by artificial intelligence.

Although it is not very suitable for personal use, as we said, it can be very useful for content producers. Personal use plan from $30 The application, which has started, is also open to offers for different company plans.

Lumen5 You can take your written content or texts and quickly produce video content.

If the language of your content is English, summarizing You can shorten it with the option. Turkish This is not valid for texts, but you can avoid this problem by asking each sentence to be included in the video.

To change the font, icons, and other objects like the credits screen at the end, you need to upgrade to the paid plan. Apart from that, daily without interfering with them. free of charge you can use. The only thing that will catch your eye is that Turkish characters will probably grin a bit in the standard font.

It allows you to quickly get clips from long videos in short and different formats. Video.AI:

An application that can save you from different struggles when uploading YouTube videos to media such as Instagram and TikTok, where content is mostly consumed vertically. Max per month in free version 75 minutes while providing video uploading 720p It offers printing and 5 GB backup.

On the $29.99 plan, both 1080p output You can buy it and it also offers a storage space of 100 GB.


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Apart from these, you can share the artificial intelligence-supported tools that come to your mind in the comments. Also, don’t forget to mention your favourite.

Artificial intelligence supported tools that you can use to produce images such as DALL-E, Midjourney:


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