Artificial Intelligence that Converts Text to Images at Shutterstock!

A new tool has been added to the stock photography platform Shutterstock. This tool transforms a text written with the support of artificial intelligence into an image. Anyone who wishes can try this artificial intelligence tool.

In a news we shared with you a few months ago, Shutterstock, one of the most popular stock photography platforms, has been talked about recently. visualize texts Since Open AI, which develops artificial intelligence, has reached a cooperation we talked about. The collaboration involved an integration between Open AI’s artificial intelligence and DALL-E and Shutterstock.

Now, there has been an important development regarding this cooperation. ShutterstockA new tool has been published on the website of . This tool is for creating images from text just like DALL-E. Moreover, the images created with this artificial intelligence tool, on behalf of the creator at the moment they are created. to be licensed.

You can try the AI ​​on Shutterstock right now!

When we log in to the website created for the artificial intelligence supported image creation tool, that we can start using immediately We see. If you have a Shutterstock account, after logging in to that account, you can have the AI ​​create images. you can start.


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Artificial intelligence

*Sample image produced by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence offers some restrictions in the free version!

Unlimited image generation at our checks when we have a free Shutterstock account that we could not We see. Exceeding the daily limit is not allowed. If you don’t want to waste time, you have to accept the monthly payment starting at $29 and you need to start paid subscription.


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So, how to use the AI-powered image creation tool added to Shutterstock?

  • Step #1: Here to artificial intelligence using the link contact.
  • Step #2: Open yourself a Shutterstock account and login.
  • Step #3: Describe in a few sentences what you want to image about. explain. (It also gives results when you use Turkish.)
  • Step #4: CreateClick “.

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