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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was undoubtedly one of the biggest historical events of recent years. War also has a distinctive feature with the technologies used. Many new technologies are used strategically in warfare. Finally, Ukraine receives artificial intelligence support.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine uses artificial intelligence against saboteurs

The Ukrainian people are appreciated by a large segment for their resistance since the first days of the war. The people, who fight with great devotion, are also struggling to survive with support from outside. On the other hand, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is doing its best not to break this resistance.

AI-powered security doping to Google Chrome

Google has released a machine learning-based artificial intelligence-supported security update for its Chrome web browser.

In every war, there are people and groups who break or sabotage the passion for struggle. In Ukraine, which is struggling to survive, this situation is approached with zero tolerance. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is using artificial intelligence support to identify potential saboteurs in the ongoing war with Russia.

Ukraine artificial intelligence

The First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Yevgeny Yen, stated that the database of people suspected of having connections with the Russian Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) was submitted to the Security Service of Ukraine as a report with the support of artificial intelligence. Yen made the following statements on the subject:

More than 123 counter-sabotage groups were formed and at least 1500 were involved, and it didn’t take long for the result to come. More than 800 people suspected of sabotage and intelligence activities were detained and handed over to the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) for investigation.

Ukraine artificial intelligence

According to the report, sabotage groups are involved in many sabotage actions, from disheartening comments on social media, trying to share the location of Ukrainian armed groups, recording the effectiveness of missile or artillery fire. On the other hand, Yen stated that they received support from the Ukrainian people as well as artificial intelligence in identifying the saboteurs.

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