Artificial Intelligence Predicted 2022 World Cup Champion!

Artificial intelligence, developed by a UK-based institute, predicted the team that will win the 2022 Qatar World Cup after simulations. Here are the details about the result of that prediction and how artificial intelligence reached this result…

The eyes and ears of football fans from all over the world are in Qatar right now. For 2022 Qatar World Cup matches have officially started and everyone who is interested in football wants the national team in their hearts to be champions since the Turkish National Team is not in the tournament. However, as you can imagine, it is not possible to predict who will be the champion in such tournaments.

As a matter of fact, sports commentators, journalists and leading names in the industry have already made predictions about the champion. Now, a completely different we will talk about prediction. This prediction was made by an artificial intelligence and it seems to be on the agenda. Because the same artificial intelligencehad correctly predicted the previous World Cup champion.

According to the predictions of AIrsenal, Brazil will win the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Known as the UK-based data science and artificial intelligence center “The Alan Turing Institute“, in 2018 He developed an artificial intelligence called AIrsenal. This artificial intelligence was originally developed for the game called Fantasy Premier League and was focused on predicting the results in the game. Use this AI for the FIFA World Cup to change The team that made the decision predicted who would be the champion using important data.


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since 1872 By ‘reading’ the data from each international match (including the friendly matches) into AI, the engineers created a learning program where the results of World Cup matches matter more. In this process, variables such as football players, penalties in matches and weather conditions keeping out of the program artificial intelligence predicted the champion by going through the teams.

Brazil is the favorite of artificial intelligence!

artificial intelligence world cup champion

The trained artificial intelligence was run exactly 100 thousand times. As a result of the studies carried out, BrazilIt was concluded that the probability of becoming the champion is more than all other teams. AIrsenal confirms Brazil’s championship probability at the 25 percent level thinks it is. Other favorites of AI include Belgium, Argentina and France. The UK, the hometown of artificial intelligence, ranks fifth..


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Although AIrsenal is a highly developed artificial intelligence, this result is a it’s just guesswork remember. If you are thinking of betting, make sure to make your own decisions…

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