Artificial Intelligence Could Write Movie and TV Scripts Soon!

A proposal submitted by the American Screenwriters Association (WGA), which represents TV and film writers in the United States, showed that artificial intelligence could be used in scriptwriting for movies and TV shows. However, for this to happen, it is stipulated that the screenwriters continue to be accepted as authors and not lose their rights.

Artificial intelligence tools, which have many abilities from answering every question we ask to creating visuals, have now become an important part of our lives. This shows that these models can be used in different sectors in the future.

Recently representing TV and film writers in the USA syndicate Writers Guild of America A proposal made by A.Ş. reveals that artificial intelligence can also be used in the cinema and television industry.

According to the proposal, artificial intelligence can be used in screenwriting if the screenwriters are accepted as the “main writer”.

According to Variety, the association, also known as WGA, suggested that artificial intelligence be allowed to write screenplays. A condition was set for this to happen. If this is the condition, the screenwriters still to be accepted as the main author to continue.

The association has actually said before that it would propose to regulate the use of artificial intelligence because of the fear of writers losing their jobs due to artificial intelligence. Contrary to expectations, the proposal now revealed that a definite ban is not requested for artificial intelligence technologies.

Let’s unpack the WGA’s proposal a bit. Accordingly, a screenwriter will be able to benefit from a model such as ChatGPT while writing a script; but still that movie or series will be recognized as the author. In other words, artificial intelligence will not appear among those who write, the owner of the work will be the screenwriter. Another example would be for a studio to enlist a screenwriter to rewrite or refine an AI-generated script.


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The aim here is to model artificial intelligence as a pen rather than a writer. see it as a tool. Thus, it is aimed that the screenwriters will continue to remain as producers without any conflict. However, in the proposal, there is no information about what will happen in a scenario written entirely by artificial intelligence. It is not yet clear whether the Film and Television Producers Alliance (AMPTP), which represents the studios, welcomes the idea.

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