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With only a few days left to leave 2021 behind, Bill Gates has published an article on his personal blog summarizing this challenging year. In his article, Gates talked at length about 2021 ‘for better or worse’ and tried to offer some reasons to be ‘optimistic’.

2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us. 2021 just got harder. When we say that the pandemic never ends, natural disasters increase around the world, crises, and annoying agendas, we also finished 2021 without understanding how it started.

Bill Gates also stated in a blog post that he had similar feelings in 2021 and after this difficult year. To look more ‘optimistic’ to 2022 He explained at length what we had. As you know, Bill Gates shares articles on various topics from book recommendations to agenda evaluations on his personal blog, and it is a kind of ‘tradition’ to publish an article at the end of each year in which he evaluates that year.

‘Reasons for optimism after a tough year’

The title of Bill Gates’ article for 2021 is ‘Reasons for optimism after a difficult year’. The article is quite long and a very detailed 2021 summary. From the pandemic in general, from vaccines and From the challenges of the ‘new normal’ In the article mentioned, some events that make us say ‘did it happen this year’ are also appearing again. Like the ‘Ever Given’ ship that blocked the Suez Canal and occupied our agenda for weeks.

Addressing the issues of hopelessness in general, polarization, the devastating impact of the agenda and the ‘contributions’ of the media (both social and traditional) to this issue, Gates said, ”This is usually where I put my ideas on how to fix the problem. But the truth is, I don’t have the answers either. I plan to continue researching and reading the ideas of others, especially young people.‘ he said, ‘I wonder young people who are so connected to the internetHe expresses his curiosity with a comment such as, “How will they solve a problem so related to the internet?”


Gives Conspirators Material: Bill Gates Shares His Top 5 Books He’ve Read in 2021

Bill Gates, who also explained his ideas about the impact of 2021 on digitalization, especially in the field of education and at the point of ‘work models’ He said that digitalization and the pandemic have had a lasting impact. So aside from all these agendas, why does Bll Gates say we can be ‘optimistic’ for 2022?

If we look at the general message here, Bill Gates says that ‘the end of the pandemic is in sight’ for 2022. also diseases such as HIV and Alzheimer’s Stating that the developments in the treatment and prevention of the disease are also exciting for 2022, Gates thinks that there will be important developments in green energy in 2022.

If you want to take a look at this article, which has a total reading time of 27 minutes and will remind you of 2021 in many ways, you can click here.

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