Arthur Hayes Locked Up $8.4 Million Altcoin For A Few Months

Arthur Hayes, founder of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, took a bullish position again for Binance-backed PENDLE.

has been investing in Pendle for months and the project from your advisors One of them, Arthur Hayes, had a large amount PENDLE locked it.

It can wait a few months

According to the post of Blockchain analysis platform Lookonchain, Arthur Hayes 1.65 million PENDLE locked it. These, until September 5 may remain locked.

PENDLE holders, in exchange for the tokens they have locked andPENDLE is winning. PENDLE tokens how long If it remains locked, the value of the PENDLEs earned increases by that much. VePENDLE owners in pools right to vote In addition to having derived from transaction fees in the protocol Thanks to the revenues, the income of the protocol share of part taking.

Arthur Hayes has been receiving PENDLE through Binance and Wintermute since June 2023. For these average $2.24 per token It is estimated that he spent According to CoinGecko data, PENDLE is at the time of writing from $5.10 It changes hands.

Founder of BitMEX, last week Stake of 1.55 million PENDLE He had withdrawn. This process is reviewed by PENDLE followers. bearish It was interpreted as.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, added PENDLE to the Innovation Zone in July 2023 and invested in the project through Binance Labs a month later.

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