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NASA recently launched the Orion spacecraft for the first mission of the Artemis program. It has been claimed that the Artemis II mission, which is expected to take place in 2024, will be delayed due to damage to the launch pad.

Massive damage on the launch pad! Artemis II mission may be delayed

It is speculated that NASA wants to use Artemis missions to build a Moon base for long-duration crewed missions. However, it is worth remembering that the Artemis I mission has an important role for the first astronaut mission to Mars in the late 2030s.

The NASA employee contacted Reuters space correspondent Joey Roulette and stated that the damage to the launch pad was above expectations. Commenting on the subject, Roulette said, “A NASA employee contacted me and said that the launch pad used on the Artemis I mission was seriously damaged. However, NASA acknowledged that the elevators on the launch pad were not working.” made statements.

First step for the Moon mission from NASA!  Artemis I flight performed

First step for the Moon mission from NASA! Artemis I flight performed

The Artemis I flight was successfully carried out today. NASA shared those moments with the audience on YouTube live.

Shortly after launch, NASA acknowledged seeing debris falling from the rocket, but officials claimed it did not pose an “additional risk” to the mission. The launch pad at the Keneddy Space Center was observed to have some pipes broken and metal plate blown off.

The extent of the damage to the launch tower is not yet known. Analysts estimate that the damage will affect the Artemis II mission to be carried out in 2024.

Artemis II mission, also used in the first mission European Space Agency (ESA) and NASAco-developed by Orion will be carried out by spacecraft. NASA announced that with Artemis II, a permanent settlement for humanity will be built on the Moon.

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