Ark Invest Founder Reiterates Bitcoin (BTC) Goal: Million Dollar Price Forecast!

Ark Invest’s CEO, Cathie Wood, reiterated the company’s $1 million Bitcoin price target, arguing that crises in the industry are natural and necessary.

Katie Wood 23 November In an interview with Bloomberg, he made comments on the ongoing crisis in the crypto money industry. After the events, Wood continued to stand behind the $ 1 million target they gave for Bitcoin in the past.

crises to battle tests likening the CEO to these tests, sometimes in the industry. that it is needed and this way surviving companies emerged stated.

Wood said that although the crisis has shifted from the institutional side to the cryptocurrency sector. will slow down although high-profile investors their work completions in cryptocurrencies that they will trust suggested. Wood, what they initially saw as safer havens, bitcoin and to Ethereum He said he thought they could pass. Also CEO, Bitcoin and Ethereum of institutional firms more to understand well also mentioned the necessity of

The CEO, on the other hand, believes that Bitcoin will continue by the beginning of 2030. 1 million dollars He also repeated his goal to achieve in the program flow. Despite the price drops and bankruptcies in the cryptocurrency market since January, the company continues to maintain its price target.

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