Are Smartphone Printers Worth Buying?

Why did smartphone printers, which took the world by storm, explode so much? Is it really worth getting? We answer this question in our content.

The longing for the past has also manifested itself in the world of technology. While the return of snapshots with today’s design is the biggest proof of this, the logic of the snapshot and today’s technology are also with smartphone printers it came true.

Every photo you take on your smartphone is instantly printable with these portable printers that fit in your pocket. So, what exactly can be done with these printers? Is it really worth getting? We answer this question in the light of both users and our own experience.

What is a smartphone printer?

Smartphone printers, which are usually palm-sized, allow you to instantly print any photo you have on your phone or take instantaneously onto a film. Especially your memories and photos of your loved ones, so that they can be saved from digital media. transferred to the physical environment.

So how did these devices suddenly become popular? The advantages it offers for photography lovers are in the answer to the question:

The popularity of smartphone printers has grown in parallel with the growing interest in “instant films” (instant camera films). But smartphone printers, unlike instant cameras, eliminate the need to use a separate camera directly.

These devices, such as Photoshop, where you can print every image on your phone, as edits are made through external software It also allows you to print. On the other hand, devices such as instax mini Link 2 also host many editing features such as AR drawing and collage of photos on their own mobile applications. In the following sections of our article, we will talk about these features in detail.

In short, all the images you have obtained using modern technologies thanks to smartphone printers. in retro styleYou can take it as an instant camera printout. Collecting each of these prints actually turns into a great hobby.

Suggestion for those who want to print not only real life but also the games they play: instax mini Link 2 Special Edition

instax mini link 2 special edition

If you want to join the trend of smartphone printers that are getting popular day by day, you can jump into this world with one of the most up-to-date models. FUJIFILM’s mini Link 2 model, which gained great popularity, appeared as the instax mini Link 2 SE, especially focused on gamers. The new smartphone printer offers many different possibilities along with fast and high quality prints.

The instax mini Link 2 SE, which we also have the opportunity to use actively, makes the printing process of the photo on the smartphone very easy and makes it accessible at any time. All you have to do to print is to select a photo via the “Link for Nintendo Switch” application and click the print button.

instax mini link 2 se

The printer connected to the phone via Bluetooth in seconds It prints photo on FUJIFILM’s instax mini films. In a few minutes, the photo is finalized with highly accurate colors and tones on the film. On the other hand, instax mini Link 2 SE offers features beyond that.

Feature gamers will love: Transforms the gaming environment from digital to real world

instax mini link 2 se

The instax mini Link 2 SE smartphone printer also allows you to print screenshots you take on the Nintendo Switch OLED game console, thanks to the partnership between Nintendo and FUJIFILM. Especially when you create your own character and get together with your friends and other players. games like Splatoon 3™ where you socializeallows you to collect memories in a way that is no different from the real world.

Printing your screenshots on Nintendo Switch is also a very simple and hassle-free process. screenshot on Switch via QR code After reading the mini Link for Nintendo Switch application on your phone, all you have to do is press the print button.

instax mini link 2 se

You can also upload screenshots directly to games, not in a white frame. with specially designed frames You can also print. In addition to Splatoon 3, there are also special frame designs for Super Mario™, Animal Crossing™ and Pokémon Snap™ games.

What instax mini Link 2 SE offers is not limited to: printing videos, drawing shapes in the air and more

Along with Nintendo Switch connectivity and photo printing, the instax mini Link 2 SE also includes a useful feature called instaxAiR. With this feature, mini Link and Link for Nintendo Switch applications can take photos or videos with your phone camera, thanks to AR support, while shooting. by moving the printer in the air in your hand You can draw shapes and effects on the photo.

We said “it can shoot video”, so can a printer print a video? Partly yes. There is also a different and simple method for this. instax mini Link 2 SE prints a frame of the videos you shoot on the film, and on it so that the video can be watched through the film. data matrix places it.

When you scan this QR code with your phone, You can watch and play the video. Of course, with this feature, you can also add special effects to photos and videos.

Let’s come to the crucial question: Are smartphone printers worth buying?

instax minilink

Whether or not to buy smartphone printers like the instax mini Link 2 SE will depend entirely on your personal preferences. But in the digital or real world likes to collect and immortalize your memoriesIf you want to get yourself a new hobby, these printers It can take a permanent place in your daily life.

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