Aptos (APT) Continues to Rise! APT Analysis

New Year cryptocurrency While the popular project of the last months, Aptos (APT), continues to climb.

Since the early hours of 2023, APT has gained almost 300% in value, driving investors crazy. The crypto community is investigating the reason for the rise in this altcoin, which is becoming more famous day by day.

In this article, we will first examine the possible reasons for the rise of Aptos, then the price of APT.

Why Is Aptos Rising?

Developed by former Facebook employees aptosA fast and secure solution powered by a Proof-of-Stake consensus. blockchain network. With the new smart contract programming language Move, the developers aim to take blockchain technology one step further.

This innovative project attracts the attention of investors and is on the radar of many actors, especially crypto exchanges. When Binance listed the token in October 2022, the APT price had risen to almost $100.

The price movement of Aptos in the last hours may also be related to the Binance exchange. Binance announced 2 days ago that it added APT to its Liquid Swap service.

APT Price

Aptos’ native cryptocurrency, APT, has gained 18.50% since the start of the day.

There is currently no resistance point based on historical data as Aptos continues its ascent. However, when we draw a Fibonacci between late November high and December low, possible resistance levels are found at $14.94, $22.26, $29.58 and $34.11 respectively.

$APT As of writing, it is trading around $13.90.

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