Application ‘Piapiri’ Like Private Investment Advisor Released

ÜNLÜ & Co. Piapiri application, developed by the company and acting as a private investment advisor, has been published. Let’s take a closer look at the features offered by the application.

While the interest in investment instruments continues to increase day by day, the number of platforms that offer easier investment and management opportunities is also increasing with this interest. Today, a new one has joined these platforms.

Investment services and wealth management group ÜNLÜ & Coits new application that promises to help users in many aspects about investment. Piapiri published. The application promises to make the investment stage and the management of this investment easily under a single roof.

It can invest and manage, and all developments in the sector can be followed from the same platform:

Piapiri provides users with stock, VIOP, warrant, mutual fund, currency/parity and crypto currency data on a single screen. momentarily offers. In addition, all details of Tefas funds can be easily accessed.

The application provides instant data of investment instruments as well as ÜNLÜ & Co analysts. ‘BUY’ recommendations also hosts. Analysts’ favorite stocks at that time were under Model Portfolio.

The app also includes investment baskets, robotic trading signals and reports from industry experts. Along with the customization of its interface, the app is essentially basically to a private investment advisor turns into Users who want to take advantage of the recommendations, all they have to do is keep the notifications on.

Piapiri offers the opportunity to invest in stocks, futures contracts, options, mutual funds and warrants. All information about the area you want to invest in. presents it to you. Important details such as instant stock market data, news, balance sheet and income statement, tier analysis, brokerage setup distributions and Tweets come together in a single investment application.

The application is completely free:


To become a customer of Piapiri and benefit from the application There is no obligation to pay any fees.. Users can open their accounts with a video call or courier model, without account opening or operating fees.

iOS and Android You can access the Piapiri application published for platforms from the links below:

Important note: This content cannot be considered as investment advice.

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