Apple’s M1 processor surprises with market share

The MacBook series with the M1 processor, introduced last year, managed to win the appreciation of many users. Strategy Analytics, Shared a report on the ARM notebook market share of the MacBook family with the M1 processor.

Top of Apple’s ARM laptop market share

Stating that Apple had the majority of the market share in 2021, the researchers announced that the ARM market grew nine times in 2020.

With triple growth in 2021 $949 million Reaching ARM laptop market, it is quite ambitious to compete with x86 architecture.

Apple’s ARM laptop market to 79 percent Analysts underlined that devices with M1 processors exceed expectations.

18 percent MediaTek, which is in the second place with its market share, managed to surpass Qualcomm, which has a 3 percent market share in the ARM laptop market.

On October 18, Apple will perform At the Unleashed event It is expected that new ARM-based laptop processors will not be introduced.

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