Apple’s Disappointed Game Console: Bandai Pippin

Game consoles became a part of our lives in the 2000s. However, this was not the case in the 1990s. Seeing the future of this business, companies started to design game-specific devices. You already know Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft for being successful. But today our topic is Apple and its failed game console Bandai Pippin.

Every great company has failed attempts in its history. For example, Microsoft has Windows Phone in its history. Google’s history has bugs like Google Notebook and Google+. One of Apple’s mistakes was in 1996. Apple Bandai Pippin It was a game console named after him.

The 1990s was a battleground for game consoles. One of the products revealed by this war was the PlayStation brand. So why did Apple decide to jump into the console market by acting even earlier than Microsoft? here these days fiasco The story of Apple Bandai Pippin, which is rated as

Bad decisions that started with the absence of Steve Jobs:

It all started when the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, was fired from Apple by the decision of the board of directors, after producing failed computers. Along with Steve Jobs, the CEO of the company, John Sculley, was also disconnected from the company. He later took the position of CEO of the company. Michael Spindler was named.

When Spindler took over Apple, Apple was already in a very strong position in the computer market. However, there was a problem. Apple R&D studies He was spending a ton of money for it, but new projects could not be produced enough to save the money he spent.

The idea arose to open Apple’s proprietary software to other companies, such as Windows:

apple bandai pippin

With the increasing financial pressure and the incredible rise of Windows, Apple is starting to get stuck. Then Spindler found the cure “Clone InitiativeHe found himself in realizing a project called ”. In summary, this project would do the following: run Apple software on third-party devices.

The Pippin game console was also a product that emerged within the scope of this project. Japanese toy manufacturer for game console production bandai agreement was signed with Under the agreement, Apple would finance the project. Bandai would be responsible for the production and marketing of the game console.

Apple Bandai Pippin What console was it?

apple bandai pippin

Pippin was running a simplified version of Mac OS. However, at this point, a clever move was made and the operating system it was not uploaded. Instead, the operating system was included on every game CD. When the CD was inserted, the operating system became usable.

So why is this move clever? Because in this way, game developers will also have access to all versions made for Pippin until that day. optimization wouldn’t have to. Instead, they would put the version on the CD they wanted the game to be used with.

Apple Bandai Pippin”AppleJackHe had a joystick called ”. There was a ‘trackball’ in the middle of the controller. Trackball had to be used to toggle game menus. Because Pippin’s games are from Apple Mac computers. directly was being transmitted.


An interesting piece of information about AppleJack is that it works with wireless technology. Apple’s wireless worker It was quite a move ahead of its time when it came to releasing a joystick. Of course, infrared technology was used because there was no Bluetooth technology at that time.

There was another point where the Pippin console was ahead of its competitors. An error that the device applies while running a game. there was no territorial boundary. For example, you could buy a game from Japan and run it on a device purchased on US soil.

The wide scope of the console was not limited to this. Thanks to the types of connections located on the back, it was possible to connect the device to almost any type of television. It also has a VGA output. on computer monitors could be used easily.

Apple Bandai Pippin How were the games?

Although the device itself seems to be very good, it is not possible to say the same for its games. In almost every game, there were problems such as image flickering and object disappearance. Also some of the games 10-15 FPS was watching between Although it was possible to increase the FPS by lowering the graphics settings of the games, this time the game became unplayable because it looked so bad.

Made for Pippin above”Racing DaysWe shared a gameplay video of the game “. Below we leave the gameplay video of Gran Turismo, which debuted at the same time and became a legend for the PlayStation brand over time. You can see the difference much more clearly by watching it for yourself.

Despite all its features, it did not succeed:

apple bandai pippin

If there is one thing that can be said with certainty about the Apple Bandai Pippin, it is that it was a failed attempt. How unsuccessful the console was, first the goal Bandai set before its release, and then the console’s how many actually Let’s explain by saying it’s sold.

Bandai’s target sales when launching the console was half a million. The device is worldwide only approx. 42.000 units could be sold. In fact, this was so unexpected that accessories such as the keyboard produced for the console were produced more than the console itself.

Why did the Apple Bandai Pippin fail?

apple bandai pippin

First of all, let’s talk about the price of the device, since Apple is involved. Nintendo N64, PlayStation and Apple Bandai Pippin consoles that debuted very recently. Comparing their prices in this context reveals that Apple’s current pricing policy has been the same since time immemorial.

Nintendo N64 price at launch 200 dollarif the PlayStation 299 was dollars. Apple Bandai Pippin is exactly with 600 dollars offered for sale. Although the device uses superior technology at some points compared to its competitors, in the eyes of the end user, there was a game console that sold twice as much as PlayStation.

Another factor in the failure of the console is that Apple did not give the necessary attention to the project. Although Apple was a highly respected company at that time, there was nothing in the game console market. had no say. On top of that, the fact that they were only on the financing side of the project confused things. All marketing and production of the game console was entrusted to Bandai.

apple bandai pippin

As a result, only for Apple Bandai Pippin 25 games removed. Even in the USA, many people did not know that such a console existed. Gil Arnelio replaced Michael Spindler in 1996. production stopped. Bandai, on the other hand, had to send thousands of remaining devices back to Japan.

The complete disappearance of the device also took place in 1997. Steve JobsHe came back to the company he was fired from years ago, scraping it with his nails. Apple has eliminated the Clone Initiative project that caused the Bandai Pippin disaster.

Bungie developed one of the few games from Apple Bandai Pippin:

The path of Bungie, which we know for producing today’s popular FPS games, also passed through Apple Bandai Pippin. There is also an ironic situation about Bungie, which developed the FPS game called Super Marathon for Pippin. One of the most popular games of the Xbox brand, it is also an FPS series. halo and a production from the Bungie kitchen.

So it’s not like the developers can be blamed for the bad games for Pippin. by Apple in the middle not given due careThere is a project where the wrong people have been given the executive chair.

Technical specifications of Apple Bandai Pippin:

  • Processor: PowerPC 603 RISC 66MHz
  • Memory: 6 MB (common for system and video)
  • Display card: Taos (VGA – 16-bit)
  • Controller: AppleJack
  • Weight: 4 kg

These features, which look very funny when we look at them today, were really good for their period. In fact, it is one of the consoles that has been much more successful than Pippin. many times over was ahead. The difference with the PlayStation is astonishing. Processor used in PlayStation 33.9MHz speed, memory 2MB was the size.

Thus, we come to the end of our article where we tell the story of the Apple Bandai Pippin game console, an initiative that even Apple wants to forget. Have any of you heard of this console before? Do you think Apple has taken its chances in the world of game consoles? once again should you try? You can share your answers with us in the comments section.

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