Apple’s All-Glass iPhone Patent Revealed

Apple’s filing with the US Patent Office today revealed that it has patented iPhones and iPads made entirely of glass.

As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Apple is constantly getting prototypes of its new ideas. If you remember, in the past months Apple’s Macbook without keyboard patent and as in Android devices reverse wireless charging patent appeared.

Today, a patent has emerged that Apple has taken for iPads and iPhones. If the patent is characteristic made entirely of glass Focusing on iPads.

Could be lighter but much more fragile

According to the news of AppleInsider, Apple has applied to the US Patent office today to apply for a patent for all-glass device cases. The resulting information when we look we can see that the patent has been taken for 20 different devices. Also, if we look at the patent drawings, we see that this patent actually focuses on devices such as iPhone and iPad.

In cases of iPhone and iPad devices using recycled aluminum and we know that on the back of the devices, glass is placed on the aluminum case. However, in Apple’s new patent, the devices have an all-glass case and We see that metal is not used in any part of it..

Apple’s all-glass iPhone patent

This type of all-glass case structure can make the devices both more aesthetic and lighter. However, devices made of glass are resistant to drops, bumps and impacts. would be much more sensitive. and we can say that even the slightest blow carries the risk of being crushed to pieces. However, of course, the patent does not contain details such as the durability of these devices or how the devices will be protected from falls.

According to the information in the patent, Apple engineers state that they have increased their durability by fixing multiple thin glass layers to each other with a special method. Of course, for these Note that a special type of glass is used.. Also, Apple is working on a similar glass joining technique. since 2021 The claim was circulating.


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We also need to remind you that not every patent received is likely to become a reality. So this weird idea from Apple It seems very likely that it will never be introduced..


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