Apple will help users take control of their personal data!

Although technology brings incredible convenience to our lives, it poses a great threat to our personal information. Our smartphones, the sites we visit, social media applications, and even the games we play violate the privacy of our private lives with the information we give them or access without us knowing. To avoid this situation, Apple announced that as part of the celebration of Data Privacy Day, it will offer new educational resources designed to help users take control of their data. Here are the details…

Apple will make its users aware of data privacy!

Data Privacy Day has been celebrated in our country and around the world since 2016 to show the importance of personal data. Apple, which works to raise awareness of its users every year, announced that this year it will offer new educational resources designed to help them take control of their data.

The course covers innovations that Apple can use to protect data and innovations that give users more insight into how their data is used. A company that believes privacy is a fundamental human right is also designing features such as Transparency in Application Tracking and Privacy Value Labels that allow users to have full control over their data.

Software update from Apple to the 10-year-old iPhone model!

Software update from Apple to the 10-year-old iPhone model!

Apple brought the iOS 12.5.7 software update to the 10-year-old iPhone model. Thus, the company closed the security vulnerabilities in the models.

The new “Protect Your Privacy on iPhone” will be available from Saturday, January 28th. today horse apple The event will cover features such as Mail Privacy Protection, Security Control, Location Services, and passkeys. In this event, attendees will learn how to customize each feature according to their privacy preferences.

This new 30-minute event will be available in all Apple Stores worldwide. Moreover, customers can now sign up for Group Reservations and book events in groups, organizations or classes.

Anyone who wants to benefit from the training in question from here By registering on the relevant page, they can register for Today at Apple events offered at nearby Apple Stores.

Ambitious about privacy

Privacy is built into all Apple products and services from the very first moment you start using them. Users are protected by built-in privacy every time they use apps from the first time they turn on their device. Apple products and features include innovative privacy technologies designed to minimize the amount of user data anyone can access.

That’s why Safari blocks trackers. The Health app keeps user records extremely confidential. Siri learns what the user needs, not who they are. These are just a few of the dozens of privacy features that Apple offers built into the foundation of every product and service it designs.

Apple believes that each user should have clear information about how their data is used and tools to decide when and with whom to share their data. “At Apple, we focus on designing devices, features and services that enable users to take control of their personal data.” says Erik Neuenschwander, Apple’s Director of User Privacy.

“Over the years we have integrated strong privacy controls into our operating systems. This movie and our new Today at Apple events will show users how they can take advantage of some of the features we offer and explain that privacy is at the heart of everything we do.”

So what do you think about this subject? What measures do you take to protect your personal data? You can share it with us in the comments.

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