Apple Will Develop Apple Car On Its Own

California-based technology giant Apple will continue the Apple Car project alone. With this move, the company aims to prevent delays by eliminating coordination problems.

It has been known for some time that technology giant Apple is developing an electric car. Of course, although Apple is expected to cooperate with a company whose field of expertise is automobiles, as every company does, the car that is thought to be called “Apple Car” It turned out that he would produce alone.

According to Maeil Economic Daily, Apple is currently in the process of deciding on parts suppliers for the car. The tech giant for co-development and manufacturing deals BMW, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyotahas contacted a.

Apple hires two engineers from Mercedes

Apple’s latest move has been to send various offers to global auto parts manufacturers for information and quotes. The company has also hired two engineers with experience at Mercedes, who have experience in automobile mass production, steering, dynamics, software and project management. The mentioned engineers are already in Apple’s Special Projects Group. product design engineer they work as

Ming-Chi Kuo, who has made reliable analyzes about Apple, Says it won’t come out before 2025. In a research note, Kuo stated that Apple Car features are not yet complete and that the vehicle’s launch date will not surprise him if it is moved beyond 2028.


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Another interesting development on the subject is Apple’s electric car project manager. Doug Field will leave the company to start working for Ford. Ford will consider Field as head of advanced technology and integrated systems officer at the company.

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