Apple Watch saved the nurse who had a heart problem!

The most concrete example of the positive effect of developing technology on human health: Apple Watch. The watch, which has critical health features such as taking EKG and measuring blood pressure, can measure up to heart rate. In this way, the user can set the heart rate to the value that should be. abnormally It warns you when you go below or above it.

The US state of Missouri St. living in St. Louis Patti Sohn The nurse named Practitioner realized that he had a heart problem thanks to the Apple Watch on his arm. Sohn was warned that his heart rate was abnormal, and after his tests were done in the hospital, it was understood that he needed a pacemaker in his heart.

Crash detection system is coming for Apple Watch and iPhones!

It is reported that Apple is working on an ‘accident detection system’ for iPhone and smart watches. The feature is expected to be released next year.

Apple Watch warns 4 days apart

Patti Sohn, a practicing nurse, who has a very active working life, reports local media. at least 5 days a week he’s working. One day, while Sohn was watching TV on the couch at his home, the Apple Watch on his arm suddenly started beeping. The nurse checking the clock, the heart rate below 40 beats/minute He saw a warning that he had fallen.

Nurse Patti Sohn – Photo: KMOV

Heart rate per minute in adults and healthy people in the range of 60-100 it is normal to have; 40-45 beats/minute A drop below that level is considered abnormal. Patti Sohn immediately applied to the hospital in line with the warning she received from her Apple Watch. Sohn, who returned to his normal course after the tests were done, monitors the heartbeat. with a medical device returned home.

Four days later, the clock started beeping again. Although Patti Sohn’s heart rate had returned to normal days ago, it had dropped to an abnormal level again. Examining the health status of the nurse who took her breath in the hospital once again, the doctors tried to regulate the rate of shooting. he needs a pacemaker They fixed it and put the battery in.

apple watch heart rate
Heart rate feature of Apple Watch

Patti Sohn said she gifted her the Apple Watch smartwatch to her son on Mother’s Day. Expressing his gratitude to his son, Sohn said, “I know this is not a medical device. But I truly believe it saved my life by alerting me to my heart rate.” used the phrases.

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