Apple Watch Saved A Pregnant Woman’s Life

The life of a 39-year-old pregnant woman living in Costa Mesa, California, USA, was saved by the Apple Watch.

We have shared with you the news that the Apple Watch has saved lives in many ways, and here we are again with such news.

Worn by a 39-year-old pregnant woman living in the USA Thanks to the Apple Watch Both his life and the baby’s life were saved.

‘My Apple Watch warned three times when there was no problem’

39 is considered a risky age for pregnancy. Therefore, the pregnant woman was trying to pass her pregnancy without making any movements that would raise her blood pressure. But while he was lying in bed, his Apple Watch of lowering blood pressure warned.

Pregnant woman ignoring the warning the first time, repeatedly After 2 more warnings He got worried and made his way to the hospital. Fortunately, he did, because if he had not gone to the hospital, first he and then the baby would have died.


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When she arrived at the hospital, it was understood that the pregnant woman had gone into labor a few hours ago. woman’s blood pressure placental abruption She was falling due to blood loss due to a pregnancy problem known as The woman was immediately taken into labor and delivered her baby safely.

Without the Apple Watch, which detected low blood pressure, both the woman and her baby might not be alive right now. It seems that smart watches will become increasingly important parts of our lives.

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