Apple Watch Becomes Official Equipment at World Surf League

For the first time, the Apple Watch was accepted as official equipment in a professional sports organization. The World Surf League has announced that athletes will use the device in competitions.

Apple’s smart watch, Apple Watch, is known for having many important features for both daily use and athletes. That’s why many professional athletes use these devices.

Now, there has been a development regarding the use of Apple Watch in the field of sports. World Surf League (WSL)with the statement made today, Apple’s smart watch recognized as official equipment. announced. This development marked the first time the device was officially used in a professional sports organization.

Apple Watch will provide information to athletes during competitions

Athletes during competitions with the help of Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra WSL Surfer name will be able to access the given application. The application, which is compatible with the WSL scoring system, can provide athletes with information on many subjects such as scores, waves, temperature. Due to its water resistance, Apple Watch carries this information easily and safely to the wrist of the athletes.

WSL CEO Erik Logan said:of Apple Watch ease of use, waterproof Its unique features, such as Surfers need information when competing. WSL Surfer, which we developed for Apple Watch, achieves this by providing real-time data.” used the phrases.

It was stated that every surfer will receive an Apple Watch with the application pre-installed, while it was stated that all of them will train with the device before the new season, which will start on January 29 in Hawaii.

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