Apple Wants to Buy Manchester United

According to the news served by the British press, Apple aspires to buy Manchester United. Moreover, it has been claimed that Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, has already started meeting with banks.

One of the most established and successful clubs in the football world Manchester UnitedWhile he had already created a shock when he parted ways with Christiano Ronaldo, it came to the fore with another huge news the other day. The club officially was put up for sale.

While the money requested for the club was transferred as 6 billion pounds, a striking claim was made about the names who wanted to buy the club today. According to the information conveyed by the British press, Apple CEO Tim Cook, He wants Manchester United to be bought by Apple.

Tim Cook even started arranging talks with banks:

According to the news shared by the Daily Star, Tim Cook, $6.9 billion fee In return, he wants to add Manchester United to Apple. Moreover, Cook has already started arranging talks with banks for a possible acquisition.

Although there is no obvious conflict between the two names, the Daily Star also shared a theory about why Apple might want to make such an investment. According to this theory, CEO Tim Cook is basically not sporting success but Manchester United’s It wants to evaluate the added value it will bring to Apple.

Apple has recently started increasing football content on its own online content platform, TV+. In addition, it is about to broadcast all the matches in the USA’s Major Football League on TV+. 10 year deal had done. Interest in Manchester United may be driven by the growth of the company’s pie in the sports industry and its reflection on brands.


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