Apple Trickedly Raised One App’s Ratings

Apple Podcasts, whose App Store scores were low a month ago, made a jump in these scores in a short time with a small change. This change, on the other hand, was not an improvement for the experience offered by the application, but was made on the application’s way of asking for points.

Let’s say you published an application on mobile platforms and this application is constantly getting bad reviews on the App Store. In the end, the reliability of your application, whose score falls below 2 out of 5, is damaged and your download numbers also experience a serious decrease. Sounds hard to pick up from here, doesn’t it? However, Apple has apparently found a way to reverse this situation in less than a month.

The podcast listening application called Apple Podcasts was always getting low-rated reviews in the App Store until 1 month ago. Users who do not refrain from criticizing the application due to errors and shortcomings can evaluate the score of Apple Podcasts. down to 1.8. However, the application team, which changed the place where users were asked for points, achieved this score in a very short time. increased to 4.7.

Points are shown as being awarded to shows, not apps

Developer Kosta Eleftheriou noticed the absurd success of the app in a short time on the App Store. “Apple kIs he manipulating the scores of his own apps?” Eleftheriou, who made a tweet with his statements, caused other users to pay attention to this issue. Apple’s method of increasing the score, which was understood later, was a very small change, but it was the kind that could be called a cheat.


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Apple Podcasts, which received a low score every time it asked the user for points during use due to errors and deficiencies, found the solution to change the time it wanted points. The developers who placed this notice between their podcasts shows, impression that the comment was intended for the show itself and not the app. created. Users who liked the programs on the platform started to give 5 stars to the application by praising the shows. Apple Podcasts’ rating on the App Store rose from 1.8 to 4.7 in about 3 weeks and continues to rise.

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