Apple takes a step back: Alternative payment systems have been given the green light!

Due to alternative payment systems, Apple has been in court with Fortnite producers in the past months. The company interpreted the fact that application owners made the games free on the App Store and made sales through various payment channels within the platform as escaping the App Store interruption.

Thereupon, Google took a similar action. But now, Apple has announced that to comply with the Dutch authorities’ decision, it will allow dating app developers to offer alternative payment systems other than Apple’s In-App Purchase System. Here are the details…

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Apple did not waive the commission fee

Apple will not be able to take the App Store deduction, which varies between 15 and 30 percent, due to alternative payment methods that it accepts to use in the Netherlands. However, the company will still receive its loss from the commission fee from the developers, regardless of these purchases, although the details have not been disclosed yet.

But implementing it will not be easy. Developers will need to create a completely separate binary app file with special entitlements and only available on the Dutch App Store, and maintain both in parallel.

Earlier this week, Apple said it would also allow third-party payment systems in Korea. But he said the company will still take commissions on all transactions. The company also says that these dating apps will also have to pay a commission for these transactions.

To distribute an App Store app with an included external payment system, apps must apply for one of two specific new authorizations. These are also said to be StoreKit External Purchase Authorization or StoreKit External Link Authorization.

As part of making the entitlement request, app developers are required to declare which payment methods they wish to use, purchase channel URLs, and other information with the application.

Initial authorization allows an app to include an app-integrated payment system. The second allows the app to add a link to a website to complete a purchase. As of now, Apple will only grant these authorizations to dating apps distributed in the Netherlands.

Frankly, Apple seems to be doing its best to comply with the decision of the Dutch Consumers and Markets Authority. He had already said that he objected to the decision on the grounds of customer safety. In addition, the company said that any transaction with the alternative payment system will mean that it cannot assist customers with refunds, subscription management, payment history and other billing issues.

In fact, maintaining a completely separate binary for a region is not very convenient. This hurdle is being cited as Apple’s way of deterring developers from going that route. So they can avoid all the inconveniences by continuing to offer Apple In-App Purchases. So, depending on the commission rate set by Apple, it may not be worth it for a third-party developer to offer alternative payment systems.

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