Apple Sues Israeli Spyware Company

Apple has sued the developer of Pegasus, the spyware that tracks journalists, politicians, activists and other key figures around the world. The company also announced that it will inform those who are exposed to such attacks.

It has been revealed that Israel-based spyware Pegasus has been used by the governments of at least 10 countries from Africa to Europe to target activists, journalists, lawyers and politicians. allegedly More than 50 thousand phone numberswas tracked by spyware. The developer of the software, the company called NSO Group, denied these claims.

Today, an unexpected announcement was shared from Apple. The US-based technology giant, in the announcement it shared Announced that he opened more against NSO Group and its parent company. Apple stated that it holds the NSO Group and its parent company responsible for the surveillance and targeting of its users. Furthermore, the case is about how NSO Group infected the victims’ devices with Pegasus software. provides new information also added.

Apple servers were abused for the attack, but not compromised:

This new piece of information from Apple was about the FORCEDENTRY vulnerability that spyware is said to use to infect the software. According to the shared information, the attackers tried to transmit FORCEDENTRY to Apple devices. It sent malicious data to victims’ devices by creating Apple IDs. This paved the way for NSO Group and its customers to install Pegasus software on devices without the victim’s knowledge.

Apple stated that Apple servers were abused to transmit the FORCEDENTRY vulnerability to devices, but there was no attack on the servers or a security breach on the servers. Ivan Krstic, Head of the company’s Security Engineering and Architecture division, said in a statement. that the step they took today is a clear messageweaponizing powerful state-sponsored spyware against those trying to make the world a better place in a free society. that it is unacceptable expressed.


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Finally, Apple has released the small number of users it discovered to have been targeted by FORCEDENTRY. that you inform explained. When the company discovers activity consistent with a government-sponsored spyware attack, will inform you according to best practices has already stated. Also to support cyber surveillance researchers and advocates such as Citizen Lab, who took a big role in uncovering the Pegasus software. will make a contribution of 10 million dollars also announced.

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