Apple Sued Over Travis Scott Concert Deaths

Families of the people who lost their lives and those who were injured at the AstroWorld festival filed a lawsuit for $750 million in damages. Apple was also among those sued for broadcasting the event.

It was held in the US state of Texas in the past weeks and thousands of people flocked to it. At the AstroWorld music festivalIn the stampede during the concert of the world-famous rapper Travis Scott, 10 people died and hundreds were injured. Travis Scott became the focus of reactions and accusations on the grounds that he continued the concert without caring during the events, and the festival organized for entertainment was due to the deaths. to the tragedy had turned.

The effects of events did not end. Families of people who lost their lives in the AstroWorld disaster and those who were injured came together to thank the famous rap artists Drake and Travis Scott, the organizer Live Nation, and most interestingly, against Apple They filed a lawsuit for damages amounting to 750 million dollars.

Apple’s fault: Broadcasting the concert

In the indictment prepared by Buzbee Law Firm, “That night’s victims went to Astroworld to have fun, and neither they nor their families were warned that they were entering an extremely risky environment, and 21-year-old Axel Acosta, one of the victims, was aroused, rebellious and by an out-of-control crowd crushed and died of a heart attack” is described.


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But the most interesting thing among the plaintiffs is apple. Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Apple Music, which broadcast live concerts at the festival. Apple is also to blame is thinking. People who were aware of the issue, on the other hand, reacted by stating that they understood the lawsuit against others, but did not understand how Apple was involved in the issue.

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