Apple Store is closed! Will prices change?

Apple will introduce the iPhone 13 series at its event today. In addition to the new generation AirPods, Apple Watch Series 7 is also expected to be announced. also iOS 15 operating system release date among those that are known to become clear. After the launch, Turkey prices of all products introduced with the iPhone 13 series will be determined.

We will broadcast live the Apple event, which will start at 20:00 Turkish time. We will interpret the promoted products instantly with our special guests. Our live broadcast, which we will do interactively with you, will start at 19:30, don’t miss it!

Apple Store closed ahead of iPhone 13 event

Apple has closed its online store today, as it does before every event. Via browser The online Apple Store, which can be accessed from the link, has been taken into maintenance. Users who want to enter the store are currently saying “We will be right back. We’re making some updates to the Apple Store. Please try again soon.” meets the warning.

Apple, which has been carrying out its activities online for two years due to the COVID-19 epidemic, will not break its tradition at this launch. In the video broadcast directly from YouTube, we will watch the introduction of the iPhone 13 series and other products, accompanied by pre-prepared and edited images.

What are your expectations from the Apple event tonight? Do you expect a decrease in the prices of the old iPhones, especially with the announcement of the prices of the iPhone 13 series in Turkey? You can express your views on the subject under the topic in the SDN forum.