Apple stepped on the gas! Four new smart home devices are coming

Technology giant Apple is preparing to expand its product range. According to trusted source Mark Gurman Apple launches four new smart home products working on it. The technology manufacturer is currently HomePod Except for the smart home technologies category, there is no device.

Apple’s four new smart home products revealed

The latest report by Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman revealed that Apple is developing new products in the smart home category. In the labs of the company’s innovation team, “minimum four new smart home devices” claimed to have been produced.

It was stated that among the products designed by Apple, there are accessories to be used in the kitchen and living room, in addition to the two new HomePods. Production of HomePod mini models, which have not been renewed since 2018, was stopped last year. But refurbished HomePod mini and an all-new HomePod model is in development.

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AnTuTu announced: Apple’s fastest devices!

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For now, the general features of other products other than HomePod have been leaked. A smart home device, according to Gurman’s report Kitchen accessory that combines iPad and speaker will be. The other includes the features of Apple TV, camera, and HomePod. living room device will be presented as

Although the details of the four new products are unclear for now, it is not correct to say that Apple has withdrawn from smart home technologies. Although it does not sell HomePod models in Turkey, it may change this decision with its new product range.

In addition, previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gave some information about the company’s beloved product, HomePod. Accordingly, the model’s new HomePod will take its place on the market in late 2023 or early 2024.

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