Apple Senior Manager Fired for TikTok Video!

Tony Blevins, who is the vice president of purchasing at Apple and is famous for his achievements, lost his job because of a video he took part in on TikTok. Blevins was saying some not-so-nice jokes in the video.

Today, it has become the vegetation of social media and has become popular with TikTok star Daniel Mac around the world.Your car is beautiful, what do you do?” videos have now reached another dimension. While the phenomena started to ‘encounter’ with very famous names, it was learned that one of these encounters ended badly today.

According to the details quoted by Bloomberg, Tony Blevins, who is the vice president of the company’s purchasing department at Apple, He lost his job because of the video he shot with Daniel Mac. Blevins is featured in the video with his $500,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, he wasn’t saying very nice things.

Video of Blevins getting fired:

Blevins, when asked what job he was engaged in, gave the following answer:

“I have rich cars, I play golf, and I stroke big-breasted women, but I take weekends and big holidays off. I also have amazing dental insurance.”

Blevins, on the other hand, as Apple’s vice president of purchasing was working with suppliers and Apple partners. So much so that he was part of the team that signed an agreement with Globalstar for the satellite connection on the iPhone 14. Until today by aggressively bargaining with suppliers to reduce costs. became famous.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple conducted an investigation after Daniel Mac’s video. As a result of this investigation, Blevins was fired. Blevins told Bloomberg:I apologize to anyone offended by my erroneous attempt at humor.” he stated. An Apple spokesperson confirmed that Blevins will be leaving Apple. His replacement was announced as Jeff Williams.


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