Apple Removes iPhone XR, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max from Sale

It introduced the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max family, which were introduced at the Apple event yesterday. However, after this promotion, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max were removed from sale on Apple’s official site.

The iPhone 13 family, which was introduced at the Apple event yesterday and offered for sale in our country, is highly appreciated by some, while others say “iPhone 12 flashdescribed as ”. Although it contains a more powerful processor and new features, many technology lovers are interested in the design of these devices. not innovative told.

Some of the promotion, both on social media and on the YouTube platform, many people said,Instead of getting iPhone 13 Pro Max go and get iPhone 12 Pro Max‘ he began to say. It is no longer known whether it is one of these words; Apple, the solution to the phones of the previous generation removed from sale.

The 12 Pro Max and 12 Pro are no longer sold on Apple’s site:

After the event yesterday, the iPhone 13 family took its place on Apple’s website, but iPhone XR, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models removed from site. Every year, Apple was removing the Pro and Pro Max phones of the old series from the site a few months after putting the new iPhone family on sale, but this time things were not so.

According to many users, the removal of the 12 Pro and Pro Max before the iPhone 13 family is available for sale is Apple’s decision. An effort to direct users to the iPhone 13 family seen as. Although the phones have been removed from Apple’s website, they are still under Apple assurance on shopping sites in our country and all over the world. continues to be sold.


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No official statement has yet been made as to why Apple is in such a hurry to remove the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max from the site.