Apple Music’s Annual Summary Replay 2023 Has Been Released!

Apple Music has released its Replay 2023 summary, showing the songs, albums, artists and genres you listened to most this year. Replay 2023, like previous years, came as a browser-focused feature in general.

Every year, music platforms publish summaries showing your activities that year. Apple’s music service Apple Music is one of them. The platform, which has millions of users, introduced this year’s version of its annual summary, called Replay, to its users in the past hours.

Users can choose what they listen to on Apple Music throughout 2023.Replay 2023It can be accessed via the ” feature. The summary includes information from many different areas, from songs to albums. In addition, Replay also comes with some innovations.

How to view your Apple Music Replay 2023 summary

Apple Music users, link here They can access the 2023 summaries by clicking here. You need to sign in with your Apple ID to see the replay. Summary, your listening time, your most listened to songs, artists, albums, genres and more Contains. This information is displayed in animated cards, similar to stories on social media, reminiscent of Spotify Wrapped. Additionally, your favorite music plays in the background while watching.

It is also included in the summary in a section called the turning point. This shows whether you’ve reached certain goals, such as listening to 1000 songs in the app. Apple Music has also made some changes to Replay. This year’s roundup includes darker colors and new animations.

Apple Music Replay is still the same as before web version focused an experience. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Spotify failed to beat Wrapped. Users can access Apple Music summaries via the browser. The mobile application contains the songs you listened to the most that year. Replay playlist you can add it.


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With the release of Apple Music Replay, all eyes are now on the much more popular Spotify Wrapped. Spotify’s highly anticipated annual summary is expected to arrive to users in the coming days, at the beginning of December.

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