Apple Music 2022 summary released!

Online music services show the songs and artists that users listen to the most as the new year approaches. So much so that one of the popular applications Apple Musicwhere you can see the summary of the year replay has opened its report, named , with its updated view.

How to view Apple Music 2022 Replay?

Users can see the summary of the year by logging into the Replay section on the Apple Music application. So much so that the information displayed includes the songs, artists, genres and albums you listen to the most. At the same time, the feature shows whether you’re among the top 100 listeners to a genre or artist.

Apple Music subscribers can access the Replay page by clicking here, where they can see the song and minute they listened to the most during the year, as well as the artist and genre. You can access the Replay page either from the browser or from the mobile application. You can see the summary of the year 2022 until 31 December.

Apple Music will be coming to Tesla vehicles soon!

Apple Music will be coming to Tesla vehicles soon!

Electric car giant Tesla will finally bring Apple Music, the service that car owners have wanted for a long time.

When you enter the page, a screen with a story view that we are familiar with from social media platforms, coming with the new update, welcomes us. While the music is playing sequentially in the background, the name and minute of the song you are listening to are also included.

It is worth noting that in addition to the appearance in the style of stories, the songs you listen to the most are collected in a separate album. Because, in the past years, it was only collected in one album and there was no presentation like a story.

With the story-style presentation that Apple Music added to Replay To Spotify Wrapped it is possible to see that it is similar. Replay offers a mobile-like appearance with a higher experience for users logging in via the browser.

So what do you guys think about the Apple Music Replay feature and the summary of the year shown in order like stories? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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