Apple May Use microLED Technology in All Its Products

Apple was planning to use microLEDs in the Apple Watch Ultra, which it will release in 2024. New information has revealed that after this update, the use of microLED will spread to the entire product range.

Giant technology company Apple, LG production of future smart watches microLEDwill use the . But there is much more to it than that. Use of microLED after the Apple Watch Ultra, which will be released in 2025 iPhone, iPad and Mac series It can be used in many products, including

According to the “Power On” newsletter by Mark Gurman, Apple T159 After spending nearly six years on his custom-made microLED displays, which he code-named, he is finally starting to use this technology in a real product.

Smartwatches with microLED may be on the market before 2025

In a supply chain report published in early January, it was stated that microLED technology could be used in the Apple Watch in 2025, but it is believed that the 2024 update of the Apple Watch Ultra will be the first to use this technology.

Gurman predicts that after this release in 2024, Apple will turn to the iPhone lineup for the next microLED upgrade, followed by the iPad lineup and then the Mac lineup. This means that Apple will eventually add microLED technology to all major product categories.

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