Apple May Introduce Foldable Screen iPad in 2024

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made statements about Apple’s iPad models. According to the statement, we may meet two iPads in 2024.

Experienced Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuomade an important statement that will excite consumers, especially those who love to use tablets. Kuo, who shares on Twitter and conveys Apple’s plans for the future, two new tablets He said he was working on it.

Let’s start with the near future first. According to the Apple analyst, the company has been launching a new one for a while. iPad mini continues to work on it. This iPad mini will be released in 2024. Kuo did not reveal any features of the new iPad. However, in the previous periods, the new generation iPad mini 120Hz ProMotion display was stated to exist. On the other hand, there are also statements that reject this claim.

It will be more advanced than the iPad mini released in September 2021

Introduced at the launch in September 2021, the iPad mini 8.3 inches in size It had a screen, A15 Bionic processor and Touch ID. The new iPad mini, which we are rumored to meet in late 2023 or early 2024, is likely to be an advanced version of the A15 Bionic or A16 Bionicwill have . In addition, instead of Touch ID, we can see Face ID technology on this tablet.

Here is Ming-Chi Kuo’s description of the iPad mini:

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