Apple May Allow Deleting Photos App in EU

Apple may soon have to let users in the EU delete the “Photos” app.

The head of Apple has recently been a member of the European Union Digital Markets Act (DMA) It was very painful because of it. In line with this law, the technology giant opened the App Store to third-party platforms in Europe. On the other hand, significant changes were made in Safari and iOS.

Today, it turned out that the EU can force Apple to do something else. This possibility, based on the statements of Margherete Vestager, head of the EU’s competition side, may cause iOS to be completely changed.

Apple may be forced to let users in Europe delete the “Photos” app

In his statement, Vestager touched upon the obligations of companies under the DMA. One of the things he talks about here is that applications easy to remove and change default settings was the obligation to provide. However, he pointed out that Apple does not allow removal of many apps, such as Photos.

This statement means that soon Apple will make a change and introduce the “Photos” application to users in Europe. You may have to allow deletion is showing. We should point out that there is no definitive development on the subject yet, but it is a possibility based on Vestager’s statement.

Of course, this is iOS’s to be completely changed A situation that may cause Photos is a system-level interface for photos that is integrated into the entire iOS system. So removing it from being the default app and granting this permission to third-party apps can be very challenging and require major changes.

Except this security It may also raise questions about. Apple is a company that has made serious moves to protect photos, even though there have been some problems in the past. It currently allows a third-party app to access it. We can grant access to certain photos or all of them if we want. However, having a third-party app completely take over the Photos app could be a bit risky.

For changes Apple has made so far in Europe due to DMA:


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