Apple is sending coffee machines to its employees to unionize!

Apple employees went on strike because they did not receive a raise in their salaries after the pandemic. Employees, who could not get a response from the technology giant, then started collecting signatures to unionize. Company employees supported the unionization movement by 70 percent. Long after Apple did not make a statement against this move, there was a response. The company started sending some gifts to its anti-unionization stores. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Apple has started sending coffee machines to its employees!

Technology giant Apple did not make a statement after the salary revolt of its employees. The firm initially held meetings with its employees and issued announcements praising the brand’s benefits. Yet failing to do so Claims have emerged that Apple is now trying to please its employees by sending coffee machines to its stores. Mark Gurman, who made the leak news for Apple, shared the claim on his Twitter account.

Mark Gurman said that after the unionization debate escalated across Apple retail, he was sending coffee makers to stores. Additionally, Apple stated in employee complaints that there were no shortcomings for the coffee machine.

Apple World Developers Conference (WWDC) schedule has been announced!

Apple World Developers Conference (WWDC) schedule has been announced!

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), or otherwise known as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, was this year’s program.

According to published reports, Apple store employees earn between $17 and $30 an hour. The company also provides some compensation and benefits to all its employees, including healthcare, tuition payment, parental leave, paid family leave, annual share allowance.

Employees who are dissatisfied with their salaries argue that the firm should raise each employee to receive at least $30 an hour. The claim that Apple, which has a great value in the market, sends coffee machines to its stores, has been discussed in social media.

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