Apple Introduces Mixed Reality Glasses to Its Executives

According to the information shared by Mark Gurman, Apple held an event for a company at the Steve Jobs Stage and introduced the mixed reality glasses it has developed for years to its senior executives. If nothing goes wrong, the public launch of the glasses will be held in June.

Apple’s augmented reality and virtual reality ‘mixed realityIt’s been a long time since the information that he was working on his glasses was no longer a secret. However, Apple has not made an official announcement or statement on this subject to date. For this reason, all our information about Apple’s mixed reality glasses consisted of leaks from names close to the industry.

The latest information about Apple mixed reality glasses came from Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman. According to the shared information, Apple plans to officially introduce the mixed reality glasses at WWDC 2023, which will be held in June. Because Apple held a meeting with the top 100 executives of the company at the Steve Jobs Stage, where iPhone launches were also held, and the mixed reality glasses were worn. in-house promotion case made.

The Apple R&D team has been making presentations every year since 2018; but this time it’s different…

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In fact, the team at the head of Apple’s mixed reality project has been making a presentation to the company’s top executives every year since 2018. However, these presentations were mostly to show the stage reached in order to continue the project and to present future projections. If the last presentation ready to be released It was a public demonstration of the product.

According to Gurman, while the in-house promotion for Apple’s mixed reality glasses is exciting, it’s about the product. a few key issues has also revealed. Gurman summarizes these problems as follows:

  • Extremely high price of $3,000
  • External battery that needs to be changed every few hours
  • The design that some testers described as ‘disturbing’
  • Limited content

Apple worries about mixed reality glasses looking ‘useless’

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Some Apple executives believe that mixed reality glasses, like the Apple Watch, will be a product that ‘didn’t appear at first’ and would ‘seem to be useless next to existing Apple products’. However, let’s not forget that iPhones are also ‘limited’ devices that didn’t even have an app store when they first came out. apple, a spectacular introduction and it can become the market leader in mixed reality with the features and content it will release in a few months.


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