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Apple continues to support its devices on the software side. While the company already releases monthly updates for its existing users, it also releases beta versions for developers. Recently, Apple has released the iOS 15.1 beta 4 update for beta iPhone users. Right after that, watchOS 8.1 beta 4 version was also available for Apple Watch users.

These updates, released in sync with each other, are currently available for download and use by developers. If you are a beta user with the required profile, you can install the latest iOS 15.1 beta 4 and watchOS 8.1 beta 4 versions on your devices.

iOS 15.1 Beta 4 is released for developers!

Apple has released iOS 15.1 Beta 4 and iPadOS 15.1 Beta 4. The update appeals to developers.

watchOS 8.1 beta available for download by developers

Apple today released new beta versions for all of its products. Among them, it has not been officially announced what innovations the fourth beta version of watchOS 8.1, released for Apple Watches, brings. Because Apple does not explain this to its users in some beta versions. However, later on, developers can somehow detect which innovations have come and will come.

To install the new beta version released for Apple Watch, you must first have the necessary configuration profiles. If you meet all the requirements, you can download the new version to your watches from General > Software update via the dedicated Apple Watch app on iPhone.

It is also worth noting that in order to install the new version on your smartwatch, you must have at least 50 percent charge and be in close range with the iPhone.

As mentioned above, there is no innovation that comes with watchOS 8.1 beta 4 at the moment. In fact, no innovations were found in the previous three versions. However, if a new feature is discovered in the fourth beta, we will share it with you again.

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